custom-made brushesCustom-made professional brushes

B2M designs and manufactures made-to-measure brushes for industry and laboratory use. Flat or cylindrical brushes, bristle brushes, tube brushes, pipe brushes – in all sizes, individual or bulk.

Quality brushes for a wide variety of uses

tube brushesQuality brushes for a wide variety of uses
Given that only half of all brushes are used for cleaning, possible applications are extensive: deburring of metal parts, polishing, guiding, sorting in packaging processes, slowing down of fragile parts, sealing, protecting and surface preparation, etc.

Whatever their use, all our brushes meet the same standards of quality, reliability and strength. Our brushes comply with health and safety standards in sterile environments for the food industry, hospitals and laboratories. They also offer the required sturdiness for the sweeping of heating and air conditioning ducts.

The right choice of materials

Depending on the intended application, we use a wide range of fibres for the bristles:    
  • natural animal fibres: hog hair, goat hair, horsehair or plant fibres, cotton, tampico, quackgrass, etc.
  • synthetic fibres: polyamide, Rilsan, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide loaded with abrasive grain, and special "high temperature" polyamide.
  • metallic fibres: steel, brass-plated steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, flat steel, cable, etc.
All materials are selected for their properties: resistance to chemical agents, high temperatures in ovens, compatibility for use with food.